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by Band Geek
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17 years ago

Any sugestions on a good cheap soprano sax?

I'm interested in buying a soprano sax. I don't want one that's really expensive cause i'm just a beginner. I heard of Antigua but, I don't know if they are any good. I need help.

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  1. by YanagisawA-901
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    17 years ago

    Re: Any sugestions on a good cheap soprano sax?

    never say cheap, cuz if you ask for a cheap anything, thats what your gonna get, cheap.. plus what you said is really contradicting, good cheap.. anyhoo.. an inexpensive soprano i kno that is good, and because im like, butt buddies with yanagisawa..haha i like the s-901..give it a shot, its like 1,000 bux

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