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by barisax1
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5 years ago

Otto link issues

hey guys. About 4 weeks ago I ordered a Otto link Bari metal mouthpeice. My band director wanted me to order it mainly for jazz band but he wanted to see how it sounded on the marching feild
so first day of band camp I take the Otto link out of the box and the wrapping put a reed on it and then I try to slide the ligature on and then relive that the lig is to small. If I slide it back halfway it starts to scratch into the side of the mouth piece. The only way I can use the lig that it came with is if it is all the way foward but if I do that I can't get it tight enough for the reed not to move. I went to my local music store and was talking to her and I showed her and she said she plays on Otto links and that this isn't right and I need to contact them. Does anyone know where I can contact the produces of the Otto link to try to get a new lig or a new mouthpeice and lig all together. If you know plz let me know. Thank you  

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  1. by Saxquest
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    5 years ago

    Re: Otto link issues


         You need to contact the place you ordered it from. This would be an issue for the dealer to work out with you not the manufacture. Did you buy it from your local shop or did you mail order it? If mail order, where did you get it?

         Mark Overton

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