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by rednecksax
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16 years ago

Alexander reeds

Which one is better for classical, Superials or Classiques. I've grown to hate Vandoren blue boxes, and it's now time for change. I'd hate to buy the wrong box because they are fairly expensive, almost twice as much as Vandorens. I'm fairly certain that Alexanders are one of the best reeds, but feel free to inform me if there is a better reed. And please dont let this turn into a fight, im just trying to find a good reed.

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  1. by tenor562
    (297 posts)

    16 years ago

    Re: Alexander reeds

    I love the Superials, but the Classiques are made for classical. Every superial reed is equal to a good V16, with a little more color to the tone. I really like them, and I've had some very good Alexanders that have lasted me months.

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