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by tigerrooter
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5 years ago

Need help

my son is a soph. In high school and plays alto. He has a beginner sax that we purchased for him 4 years ago and he wants to upgrade but also has the opportunity and desire to play tenor.  I know nothing about saxophones and am going off of what he says but he wants a cannonball big bell stone series which I have learned comes with a big price.  I came across a cannonball big bell global series that he thinks is reasonable and also says he would "settle" for the global.  I don't want to buy a sub par horn only to wish I had spent the money and got the stone series.  Question, what is the difference in quality of these two? The global isn't even listed on the cannonball website which makes me wonder.  Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. by RyanCannonball
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    5 years ago

    Re: Need help

    The Big Bell Global Series was the prececessor of the Big Bell Stone Series. It was made from 2001-2004, and the Stone Series professional line has been made since 2005 with various improvements throughout the run.

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