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5 years ago

Tenor Sax Questions

I am currently investing into my tenor sax and I have an Otto link New York model mouthpiece for a bright and sharp tone, as well as a Rico Royal Metalite M7 for a really sharp tone, Especially if I use a ZZ reed for more of a buzz vs. french cut reeds that make actually difficult to lay these mouthpieces. But! 

Now I am looking into a having a mouthpiece for a tone incredibly mellow and dark, for example see 
(Maynard Ferguson Macarthur Park) 
at 1:40 

That sax solo has the tone I am particularly interested in, what brand/type of mouthpiece would be best for that tone? I have looked into Theo Wanne mouthpieces, and am capable of getting one of those mouthpieces, but which ones in your experience would be best for such a tone? What set up could create that tone? 

Also, more questions: 

I am currently playing on a Yamaha student model Tenor for over 10 years now. It's time to get a new one, I am considering a Yamaha Custom Z, P. Maurriat, maybe Selmer? What are some brands and models to consider? 

As I invest in my practices, At what point have you found it possible to hit an altissimo G? I can get F# and the stupid high notes, but the G wont come out with fingerings, and yes I have my overtones down quite well. Is it a matter of singing the note better? or could my horn be holding me back?

as I am investing in different mouthpieces is there a good quality multiple mouthpiece puch for carrying all of my mouthpieces that you know of? 

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