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by tenortunes
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16 years ago

Peter Ponzol mpc

I've been playing off and on for 30 yrs. Most of that time I used Dukof d8 on Semer Mark vi For the last five yrs I've been playing otto link 8* on Selmer III. I want something with more edge than otto link and more flexible than Dukoff. What do you think of the Ponzols? I'm going to try II vI I and an ML Any help would be appreciated, thanks

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  1. by cosmoo
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    16 years ago

    Re: Peter Ponzol mpc

    I've been playing on a M2000 ts mpc for a few years now. Its the best thing I've ever played on. It has the moveable baffle so you can really brighten it up if you want. I play on a reference 54, which in comv=bination with the ponzol, sounds nice imho. This is the only ponzol I tried, but when I was trying mpc's. I had about ten of them, and this one sitting there with the 500 price tag. Maybe you get what you pay for, but it was obvious how much better the sound was coming out of the ponzol compared to a bunch of other ~200 dollar mpc's. I highly reccomend them.

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