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by Lynn6261
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17 years ago

My sons saxophone

My son has been playing a sax for 3 years that I bought used. It is an alto sax and it has the word Armstrong engraved on the belled end with ELKHART-IND USA on it as well. It has worked well for my son but needed a repair recently and when I went to pay the bill they told me I should consider getting a "step up sax" as this one needed all pads replaced to a tune of $380.00. Now I was told when I bought the sax that it was not a student model. Now my big question is is this a student model and despite being in good to great shape is it not good enough for my 12 year old??? He is a very good student and I am willng to invest in something better if in fact this is a poor quality Sax or if it is not what is called an intermediate alto sax. I would appreciate any insights....Thanks

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  1. by connsaxman_jim
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    17 years ago

    Re: My sons saxophone

    the Armstrong is a good student-intermediate model horn. It's plenty good enough to carry your son through high school, and even college. Is it an alto or a tenor? Alto repads usually run about $350, and tenor repads are around $400, so $380 is a little high for an alto, but cheap for a tenor. If they also replaced any corks or springs, $380 isn't bad at all. If your son really enjoys playing and plans to continue playing into college, you may consider a better horn. I would suggest maybe waiting a couple years. If he's 12 now, maybe wait until he starts high school before buying a better horn. I'd say the Armstrong you have is very adequate for the time being

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