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by BariSaxi
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16 years ago

Mouthpiece Compatibility?

I play an earlier MK VI bari, and untill recently have been using a Rico Royal B7 graffite mouthpiece. I just got a Berg Larson (hard rubber) 115/1 mouthpiece and every time I use it with my bari I get a stuffy/uneven tone with horible intonation. I know its not the horn, because it plays beautifly with my Rico mouthpiece. I'm planning on taking the Berg Larsen back and trying a new mouthpiece, any suggestions as to what I should try? Are there any mouthpieces that are more compatible with a MK VI than others? Thanks.

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  1. by phathorn
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    16 years ago

    Re: Mouthpiece Compatibility?

    If you can find one at a good price, the old ebolin Brilharts are a fantastic piece for bari....

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