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5 years ago

Soprano MP too far down necks?

I recently purchased a Jean Baptiste used, in excellent condition.  I know it's not a superior horn.  I had a good tech go through it and make whatever adjustments he deemed necessary for a reasonable fee.   In order for the horn to be in tune, I need to shove the mouthpiece down past the edge of the cork.  It's the same on both the straight and curved neck.  The standard MP needs to go further than the Berg Larsen that also came with the horn.  


The tech said that he has to shove his down far too, but that does not seem right.  He also said that I might try not inserting the neck as far, which I did, but I believe that makes it worse because that lengthens the tube and as Engineer Scott once said "I can't change the laws of physics".





I am a modified novice, which, in English means that I can jam along to lots of tunes, blues, jazz standards, soul.....I play a mean harp and have performed and recorded a lot.  I just dig sax.


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  1. by GFC
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    5 years ago

    Re: Soprano MP too far down necks?

    In the ideal situation the volume of the mouthpiece is equal to the difference between the volume of your horn and that of a perfect cone extended all the way out to its apex.  If the standard mouthpiece has a larger chamber than the Berg that could account for the difference in the distance it needs to be pushed down the cork.  

    I'd be nervous about a partially inserted neck tenon, since it wouldn't have the support of its collar right at the neck's weakest spot.  

    Sopranos are notoriously difficult for intonation, so whatever solution you arrive at you've still got your work cut out for you to play in tune. 

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