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5 years ago

New V21 Reeds for Saxophone in a Nutshell

I am the products rep at Saxquest INC in Saint Louis Missouri. I had a recent e-mail exchange with someone recently which I would like to share. The conversation was a very basic run down of the new Vandoren saxophone reed. By no means is this an in depth analysis but it is basic in the nutshell look at a product that might answer plenty of questions for many people.

Hi Zac, I read something about a new Vandoren saxophone reeds.  Everyone seems to like them but was hoping you could tell me a little bit about them and how they compare to the other Vandoren reeds?

My  Answer:

The new reeds are the Vandoren V21.  They were first made for clarinet as a combination of the V12 and Rue 56.  The cut was recently manufactured for tenor and alto. It is an un-field reed (like the Java green box) but it is heavier and darker. They are somewhat marketed for classical players but I have played them several times and they seem like they are a great all around reed. The V21 is going to be great for anyone who like something on the heavier side. To me they seem similar in thickness to the Blue Box cut.  It is also my opinion the un-filed cut on the reed gives them faster and more balanced response, which is something most people go looking for.

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