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by Pierre
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17 years ago

Mouthpieces, Ligs and Reeds for Sopraninos

I've just bought a sopranino (I think the first one ever made by TopTone, a dutch sax maker, known for its pads). I test it with a Selmer C** mouthpiece that was not for sale, and the retailer hadn't mouthpieces and ligatures in stock for sale. So I have to buy such a set (in the mean time, I can play my 3 other saxes, soprano, alto and tenor, all S-A serie II from Selmer Paris). My intent is to play for fun with this sopranino; to bring it with me when I travel. My question: what are the mouthpieces, ligs and reeds available? What can be good combinations? I'll use it to play modern celtic music, as a alternative to bombardon... Thanx, Pierre

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