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by smcdonaldaz
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17 years ago

What can you tell me about the Conn 20M

I picked up a Conn 20M on Craig's List. What can you tell me about it? I'm just learning to play, finally converting from trombone after 30 years. It came with a Conn Precision mouthpiece. Is this good for a beginner?

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  1. by connsaxman_jim
    (2336 posts)

    17 years ago

    Re: What can you tell me about the Conn 20M

    They are a good student-intermediate model sax. The 20M came out in the early 80's. After Daniel Henkin bought Conn, he returned production to Ekhart, IN and the 20M's were US made. They have a nice sound, and a pretty good action. You may want to try a different mouthpiece though. The Brillhart Ebolin is a great beginner piece, or the Selmer S80 C*

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