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Martin SN # 20148

My son bought a sax at an estate sale when he was in jr high (about 6 years ago) He would really like to know more about it. On the elbow it says 20148 Low pitch. On the body it says Engraved by H.J. Montag. Plated by Jack DeVille. on the bell it reads Martin Made for Rudy Lowe Chicago (4 lines) The engraving is very pretty flowers w/ birds. It came w/ a black case w/ purple velvet lining. Some old reeds and strap. There was also an old book. Carl Fischer's New and Revised Edition of Celebrated Tutors Saxophone copy right 1889 and a large sheet of paper W/ Ben Vereecken Complete Scale for all Sax on one side and Complet Table for All Sax on the other. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: Martin SN # 20148 Based on the serial #, that is one of the Handcraft Models

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