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by tempomaster
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5 years ago

Lifespan of Natural Reeds

Hello Everyone,

What is the typical lifespan of a natural reed?  What about a synthetic reed?  Should the player notice a loss in tone quality as the reed ages? 


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  1. by kelsey
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    5 years ago

    Re: Lifespan of Natural Reeds

    I will never use a synthetic reed. For me the sound isn't as good.  I buy D'Addario Select filed 2 medium Jazz Reeds for Alto and the 2 medium filed Select Jazz reeds for tenor. The Alto comes with 10 in a box, tenor comes 5 in a box. I buy 50 Alto and 50 tenor reeds at a time. (that's 5 boxes for alto and 10 boxes for tenor) I go through them, find the good ones and throw the bad ones away. These reeds will last me for months. I am a professional player and I play at least 5 days a week......cheers!

    Barry Kelsey

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