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by diminishedpower
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16 years ago

Soprano questions

i own a soprano and i'm playing it as a soloist in one of my bands peices. Pershire majesty if you've heard of it. But anyways my soprano has a straight neck and a curved. i usually play the curved but whats the difference. i can hear a slight difference but can't make it out.

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  1. by sax_maniac
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    16 years ago

    Re: Soprano questions

    You may notice a slightly warmer sound with a curved neck - nothing tremendously different, but slightly so. Also, note the position of your neck and upper body posture when you are playing with one neck or the other. When playing the straight, you may want to hold it up at an angle a bit more than with the curved - that can affect your tone if you are closing off your throat playing a straight angled down too much.

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    1. by jaggtagg7
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      15 years ago

      Re: Soprano questions

      Yes, Perthshire majesty. we played that song in our winter concert. thats what introduced me to the sound of the soprano sax, and made me want to learn it.

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