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by bariguy
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18 years ago

Jazz Tenor

Hi, I play second chair tenor in my high school jazz band. I currently play on a Couf Superba 1 tenor and use a Selmer D mouthpiece. I was playing my Otto Link NY 7 but my director said i could not use that anymore because my sound didn't fit in to well. None of the other saxes use jazz mouthpieces and thats the problem. But i cannot stand playing jazz on the D, plus i have a few solo's. Would any of you have any mouthpiece or other recomendations for me? thanks

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  1. by Jazzpath
    (19 posts)

    18 years ago

    Re: Jazz Tenor

    You might want to try out the hard rubber mouthpiece that ottolink makes. It's very good for tenor (I don't care for it on alto) chamber allows for a lot of versatility in your sound. It's called the "tone edge" though that's sort of a misrepresentation. It's dark, blends very well in a section, and isn't nearly as bright as the metal version. To start, probably go with a medium size like a 6 or a 7. I played on one of these all through high school and most of college (long time ago) and really enjoyed the flexibility it offered. Good luck..

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    1. by bariguy
      (25 posts)

      18 years ago

      Re: Jazz Tenor

      cool, i'll give it a try thanks.

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      1. by barisax999
        (400 posts)

        17 years ago

        Re: Jazz Tenor

        you may also want to try a meyer 5, its pretty sweet

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