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by mrd
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16 years ago

Need some input on a Tenor Berg Larsen 85 2 M MP

I am returning to the sax so I need your input on an appropriate MP. I think the opening on this (85) is moderately close, so that should equate to easier effort and softer tone. IS THIS CORRECT? Also, the 2M, should be mellow also. Am I on the right track with these. I intend to start with a 2.5 or 2 reed. Please give me some input. I can still play after all these years, but the mouthpiece that came with the used sax is horrid. HELP PLEASE!!!!

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  1. by someguy
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    16 years ago

    Re: Need some input on a Tenor Berg Larsen 85 2 M MP

    Hello, I have a a friend that plays on a Berg. 100 something, smaller, he loves it. He tried an Otto Link and promptly sold it. He loves that Berg. Personally, if it were me I suggest getting a good hard rubber mouth piece, nothing to fancy. Build your chops back up, then make the move to a metal piece. I just think its easier to move that way. You wont wear your ombachure out quite as fast. That worked for me. Another guy may tell you something different, just play. Oh, I use a 2.5 reed.

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