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by reccos150
(7 posts)
18 years ago

Mouthpiece Tip Openings??

I am looking into buying a new mouthpiece for my tenor and I have an idea of what kind of mouthpieces im interested in but I am confused on the different tip openings. Can someone tell me what effect the tip opening does to your sound. Is smaller opening better or is larger opening better?

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  1. by barisax999
    (400 posts)

    18 years ago

    Re: Mouthpiece Tip Openings??

    a larger tip opening is harder to start out with, but it gives a much more mature sound. different brands make different varieties of sizes. i play on a yanagisawa metal for my bari and it is the best. i tried the 5 opening, and it was easier to start but now it is much better. its kinda like reed sizes.

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