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by Mike C
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16 years ago

York soprano sax from Grand Rapids,MI. cont....

it seems to play fairly decent,the c key sounds alittle flat,but over all not bad. Does anyone know anything about this brand. I bought it because it's the city I live in and at one time my uncle used to work there. also is there a way I can find out the year for sure .serial # is worn. can only make out 3 numbers.

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  1. by Dave Dix
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    16 years ago

    Re: York soprano sax from Grand Rapids,MI. cont....

    there are serial number charts for york made (not stencilled for) saxophones. Yours is made by york because of the address on the sax. Can you get a magnifying glass and look at the serial number and determine how many numbers there is and to date it correctly you do need at least the first number correct 4 fig number 1897 -1901 5 fig number 1901-1933 6 fig number 1933-1938 when they ceased manufacturing Dave

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