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by Aidey
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4 years ago

Can anyone help ? Selmer mark VI 5 digit Alto .

Hello I am at my wits end and wonder whether someone can help? I have a Sax I Bought for £200 around 15 years ago. I was hoping to learn to play the Sax unfortunately I never got round to it. Recently I pulled the sax from out of the loft Believing it was a St.Louis .. I now know that there is no such maker or is there ?

A local instrument shop told me that it is a Selmer Alto MkVI. There are no markings or engraving on the saxophone whatsoever. There are no Selmer stamps or MVI engravings either. 

The only engraving on there is the words "St. Louis" and a 5 digit serial number starting 82***

I would be grateful  if someone could let me know as to what ive actually got ? 

Is it an unmarked Selmer Alto ? what baffles me is if it isn't then why would it have a serial number?  
I can't imagine the shop I bought it from would sell me a forgery the shop is still there it's been estd for years.

I appreciate any advice anyone can provide as no one seems to be able to give me a definitive answer

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  1. by GFC
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    4 years ago

    Re: Can anyone help ? Selmer mark VI 5 digit Alto .

    It was never sold as a Mark VI so it can't very well be called a forgery.  What you have is a house-branded "stencil" horn, maybe based on a copy of the Mark VI but not an actual Mark VI.

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