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16 years ago

Soprano Quickly

Hi. My band director handed me a soprano sax yesterday and asked me to learn a really complicated part on it, hopefully over the weekend (not happening) and definately by our concert in two weeks. I'm fairly good on the alto, but having never played soprano before, I suck on it. My range, which needs to go from the E above the scale and to the B below the scale. I can get the C above the scale and the D# below the scale on a regular basis, but I seem to not have the range on it that I do with my alto. Also, the notes don't sound as full when I hit the D on the scale and higher as they do from G-C. Is there any advice on how I can get the hang of it quickly, because I need to be spending my time just learning the fast notes instead of just trying to get the notes out. (And if anyone is interested in what the piece is, it's Purgatorio)

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