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by cwhiley
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16 years ago

Wooden! Interesting wooden saxophone equipment!

I thought I would show you guys this WOODEN tenor sax neck I found on eBay. I haven't been able to find any information on this product other than this eBay auction. The company's website is under construction. Has anyone else seen these? Has anyone had the opportunity to hear one or better yet play one? I'm fascinated! Apparently this same company makes a wooden and carbon fiber constructed ligature. The darned thing is $200!!! Another thing that I'm sure many of you may have seen is the Pomarico wooden mouthpiece. It's pretty neato. I'm totally fascinated by this wooden stuff for some reason. Imagine a wooden mouthpiece, with a wooden ligature strapping a regular cane reed on, attached to a wooden neck on a metal sax! I would bet the sound would be very unique indeed! I would imagine very warm, round, and most likely very dark. I wish I had extra money to splurge on this stuff just to see!!! Cheers!

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  1. by selmer 4evr
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    16 years ago

    Re: Wooden! Interesting wooden saxophone equipment!

    No it would not be dark I have used these befoere the best description is a very dry sweet sound sort of the same difference between a mariba and a xylophone

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