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by valjean24601
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9 months ago

I Can't Tongue Correctly! Help!!!

I'm a high school jazz saxophonist and I've recently realized that I tounge my saxophone the way I used to tongue flute. Basically, instead of touching the reed with my tounge, I touch the roof of my mouth. My director told me that I should probably fix that, but he hasn't explained how. Does anyone out there have tips, tricks, or exercises to fix my tounging? Thank you!

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  1. by GFC
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    9 months ago

    Re: I Can't Tongue Correctly! Help!!!

    It's just like saying the letter "T" only on the mouthpiece opening instead of your teeth.

    You should also think about a practice routine for building embouchure if you'ree not already.  There are some good pointers and even online lessons available through this site: 

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