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by fozzy222
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4 years ago

Conn Tenor Sax

Hi all, 
I have a  Conn Tenor Sax in excelent condition With the serial No M197988 with the letter L underneath it.. 
I i right i thinking its from about the 1920s and being a New Wonder chu-berry?
If anyone could shed some more light in this at would be great..
Thank you..


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  1. by mijderf
    (269 posts)

    4 years ago

    Re: Conn Tenor Sax

    Easiest way for you to verify this is to check out the Chu model tenor sax photos that are in the Saxophone museum in this site.  They have a model with a serial number very close to the one you have.

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  2. by GFC
    (794 posts)

    4 years ago

    Re: Conn Tenor Sax has a lot of info on vintage horns and manufacturers, lots of photos.

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