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16 years ago

Moderators take serious note

The knights Templar and yourselves and others have been attacked by this character saxman89.This should not be allowed to continue.A disgraceful use of language, and behaviour which frankly shouldnt be tolerated any where in the civilised world ,never mind a musicians forum.Its totally unacceptable and clearly this individual needs help.They are capable of reading a post to react, so there is certainly premeditated action.Our view is ban him now before it gets worse. If he continues to function on this site in the next few hours.Then we accept you condoning this indiviual.We take our knowledge and experience else where.Frankly this person needs serious help,at least he will gain the attention and obvious love that they have never recieved.Or that certain parties have told them all their life how great they are,which is fine until they hit opposition and competition much higher than they can cope with, then they basically shortcircuit. (Bird Lives)

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