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3 years ago

plastic cover rico reeds..

Offering advice,

I've used a multitude of brands, when you get a good Cane Reed, that is usually the best or else, high efforts go into working on reeds to tailor them to your liking.

I've since abandoned that path and went to synthetic, first Bari reeds then tried leger and ended up with plastic cover reeds. Advantages are, they require less preperation, they have a good modern jazz sound and above a full synthetic reed, when you play altissimo and rasp/raunch your sound , hey stay closer to pitch...but they are pricy...and 2 out of 5 reeds are usaly keepers, the rest become practice reeds....I go through 2 reeds a gig playing with a guardala mouthpiece on my tenor, I use dukoff on alto....but...

all this to say, I am open to advice with reeds, maybe mouthpiece angles as I still have issues with my selection...towards what is available here in Canada, Ontario...

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