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3 months ago

Need help practicing

So right now my teacher has me work each week on an elude from the intermediate Neuhaus book and I've been working on overtones. I then do improv to a track for 30min to 1hr a night. I have 3 reasons problems and i have little to practice so I was wondering what else I can do. My problems are that I bite with my lower lip, I am not lead sax because I can't read as well, and I find I have trouble getting the low notes out at p, pp, and ppp etc. Any suggestions for things or ways to practic? I want to major in jazz studies. I play the tenor in jazz band(lead tenor, when I did alto I was 2nd best) and alto in symphonic. Also forgot to add I am having endurance problems with my embrochure while practicin. Thank you a lot for all the help! Also I may need to work on faster airflow as my NYSSMA ajudicator commended a metal mouthpiece.

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  1. by GFC
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    2 months ago

    Re: Need help practicing

    You definitely need to work on embouchure #1.  Roll the lower lip out and cushion it against the teeth with as little pressure as possible.  Play long tones through the range focusing on proper embouchure, i.e. loosely as possible, allowing the reed to vibrate freely while maintaining a seal.  Try a softer reed for practice while developing good embouchure habits.  Leaks will also cause difficulty making the low notes speak.

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