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by Truckexe
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1 year ago

New member, Hello!

Hiya you can call me, Matt or Truckexe doesnt matter to me.I am a semi Over The Road Driver (OTR) who has always wanted to an just recently started to learn to play Saxophone. Ive played Trombone from middle School to High School, tyhen stopped. Trombone was forced on me OVER the desire to play saxophone so that factored in.
Im always lookign for ways to learn and things i can do to help myself due to my unique situation as a trucker. Im home for less than a week while out on the open road 2 months at a time,, so you can guess just how tough that makes things. very very very passionate about saxophone and have been diving in full force into it now that i have the possibility to play.
Look forward to meeting and talking to you guys whenever i can (Again not as often as id like since i barely have free time as it is)

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    1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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      11 months ago

      Re: New member, Hello!


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  1. by RobertD
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    8 months ago

    Re: New member, Hello!

    Your story is so similar to mine. I'm a retired trucker who played brass but always wanted to play the sax. Now that's just what I'm doing. :)

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