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3 years ago

Silver Plated C G Conn Sax 85XXX serial gold washed bell Oddity

I have run across a C G Conn saxophone in the 85XXX series with a gold washed bell, silver plated body and keys, not Chrome Nickel Plated, and the only engraving is the simple :

Made by C.G Conn Elhart Ind. USA

 Not the normal floral type logo found in its many forms what so ever

I only have two theories. Either this is an after market brass horn, which had this simple engraving and it has been silver plated and the bell then gold plated. OR this was a request for a silver plated horn in which the buyer chose to not have the horn engraved, thus saving a few dollars.

I'm more inclined to believe the second, in that custom engraving was often done on a silver plated horn. So a request for less than normal would be a custom order in itself.


Decided this was probably a brass horn that had been run through an after market plating.

I did not find its obscurity to be worth the price.

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