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by Bari saxist
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5 years ago

Antigua PRO-ONE Baritone Saxophone

What is everyones thoughts on the Antigua PRO-ONE Baritone Saxophone sold by!

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  1. by heup
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    3 years ago

    Re: Antigua PRO-ONE Baritone Saxophone

    I was visiting London (I am from the Netherlands) , went to the shop and played the Antigua Pro Baritone. I fell in love with the instrument. It was absolutely the most amazing baritone I ever played. What a beautiful sound and a ease to play. But I am a poor guy and it took me a week to find enough money to buy it. I phoned them and then it was gone already.
    It is some years ago but I keep on dreaming about it. I have a Yanagisawa B6 and a King Zephyr baritone. I would swap any of them for this Antigua. Alas are the only ones I find so much more expensive than the one sold....

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