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by blackfrancis
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16 years ago

Link vs. Link

Has anybody out there had the opportunity to compare a Link Super Tone Master and a New York model (tenor) ? How do they stack up? What's your preference and why?

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  1. by jamterry
    (573 posts)

    16 years ago

    Re: Link vs. Link

    I have both of those mouthpieces. The New York has a lot of guts due to the large chamber. The tone master I used on some chick's demo tape. I played the sax and flute parts on "For the Love of You" (an old Isley Brothers tune which was covered by Whitney Houston. I tried my Selmer C * on it, but it was too straight. I was surprised how the tonemaster 7 worked so well on a soft slow song. I like both of the links. The New York is a huskier sound. Best of luck to you :)

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