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by duoheer
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16 years ago

beechler mouthpiece

hey, are Beechler metal mouthpieces good? thx

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  1. by bmcguire
    (45 posts)

    16 years ago

    Re: beechler mouthpiece

    It really depends on what you want to sound like.... I use a beechler metal on my tenor and love it! I find it to be a fairly versatile setup. On Alto I find the metal setups to be limited to that Dave Koz Nelson Rangell super pop sound (which is cool, but not very flexible) On Alto I use a Rubber Beechler which is unreal how good it is. I use it for everything from Cannonball to Desmond, and my personal sound, kind of a Gerald type of flavor. Pitch is great, easy on reeds, can scream upstairs. I'm a bit fan of Beehcler stuff if you couldn't tell! Hope this helps

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    1. by mrd
      (137 posts)

      16 years ago

      Beechler mouthpiece-Fantastic

      You're right. I use a Metal Beechler on Tenor. It is certainly the most free flowing one I have tried. It takes no effort to bring out the Bb with a hairs breath and then throughout the horn it sings. It can be warm depending upon the reed, since it is quite reed friendly. I have one of the old ones from the Beechler factory, so I think they might be better than new ones. I have not tried one on the Alto, but intend to. I think they are one of the underrated makes, and would never pay 300 and up for the "collectors" brands. Many pros use this extensively, and I think the sound is awesome. Don't miss out on one.

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