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HELP! Need to know about my Conn Saxophone!

I have seen how helpful everyone has been to other inguiries.You guys are great. Perhaps you can help me too. I have had a saxophone for many years, that was passed from my grandmother. I am thinking about selling it, but I really don't know much about it, as far as worth or details. It says "Rudy Wiedoeft model" Eb 33244 L P, Elkhorn WIS., Made by (what I can read in script) "Frank Holthorn Hv. (?). It is silvertone with pearl keys. Thanks for any information!!!!- Lara

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  1. by blackfrancis
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    16 years ago

    Re: HELP! Need to know about my Conn Saxophone!

    First off, this is not a Conn, but was made by Holton. The serial no. indicates it was built around 1915. Eb indicates an alto and LP stands for low pitch, which means it plays in what is now the standard pitch (a440). Rudy Wiedoft model was distinctive because of extra keys. I play a Holton soprano of about the same age, and it's a really good horn. As far as vintage value, Holtons are not on the valuable end of the scale.

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