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by onetimevisitor
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4 months ago

Vandoren reed

I started playing 2 months ago - new to this stuff, so I was wondering if you can help me out.
I ran out of my "1"(stiffness) reeds and switched to 1,5. Reeds are from Vandoren. I like the sound a bit more but its harder to play. I still can though. Does it make sense to go back to 1 ?
Also can you tell me is the reed on the picture I attached dead ?

Thanks in advance for your response.

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  1. by GCinCT
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    4 months ago

    Re: Vandoren reed

    2 months is not a lot of time to be playing, but a 1.5 is a good beginner's reed. Your embouchure will strenghten over time and it will get easier to play. I would say continue to use the 1.5 as long as you don't develop the habit of biting down. Very bad.


    As to the reed in the photo, a chip is not ideal, but if you don't have another reed and that one sounds okay and doesn't give you any problems, I think it's okay to use it.

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  2. by historicsaxwhisperer
    (203 posts)

    4 months ago

    Re: Vandoren reed

    Reeds do need a brake in period. It is best to have like 5 reeds and play a few minutes a day on each one. Within a few days they will start breaking in and you will decide which of the five seem to work best for you. Dont just take a reed that is fresh and play it till its dead. Then move back to a fresh one. That is very unproductive to developing your sound.  Have a small working group to chose from.

    Reeds are very fickle. Some may be softer than others. Some may not be as even as others.

    Weather conditions can make a good reed play nice one day and bad another.

    In time, your face muscles will strenthen and make this process a lot easier to deal with.

    Welcome to the horn!!

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  3. by onetimevisitor
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    3 months ago

    Re: Vandoren reed

    Thank you both for replying!
    Meanwhile I got kindda used to the 1.5 reeds so I'll stick to that for some time now. I will also buy some more and use them "all at once."

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