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by Renegade Saxman
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16 years ago

Cool Sax Effects

I'm a highschool student from Jersey and I can honestly say that I have mastered several cool effects on my horn. Like growling, flutter tounge and though not really an effect I can controll my vibrato, but while I was listening to the Gerald Albright track Georgia, his version of the Ray Charles hit Georgia on My Mind, he does several awsome tricks that I've been hoping to find out how to do. At 7:35 - the effect is somewhat like that of a wah pedal for a guitar but he doesn't use one, my teacher told me you have to hum into the horn use the front F fingering on the top half of the horn and flip between it and the fingering for D on the bottom half, but I'm having trouble doing it like he does any thoughts? At 8:02 there seems to be a similar technique as above. Then at 8:13 there seems to be an awesome type of growl where it sounds like he hits a fingering that locks up the horn and causes and awsome growl effect. Gerald Albright seems to be on the forefront of the effects because I've never heard these before and this is on just one of his tracks. Any help would be awesome, and if you haven't heard this song I would defentently recommend listening.

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  1. by dirk-lo
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    16 years ago

    Re: Cool Sax Effects

    The 8:13 growl just sounds like an alternate fingering. Not sure about the wah sound though, never heard anyone do that. Pretty cool! Eric :-)

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