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2 years ago

Elkhart Band Instrument Company Odd Marked Tenor Saxophone

I have a very nice Elkhart Band Instrument Company Tenor Saxophone with odd markings.

The Engraving is the normal Elk Head above the writing engraved inside a heart (Elk Hart),

Elkhart Band Instrument Company. Normal Buescher type writing.

The oddity is the serial number is 87-29. Exactly like that 87-29. I have no idea what so ever what this might mean. The only possible clue is it could have been produced in 1929 and maybe no 87 in a small starter run of horns. No other information, not even an LP (low pitch)or a HP (high Pitch). It needs some work, but seems to blow A=440

This horn does not have a Front F key, it has  Opposing Bell keys, Black rollers.

I have "BEEN TOLD" The Elkhart Band Instrument Company was a joint venture between Buescher and Conn, prior to it becoming absorbed by Buescher , later being introduced as a second line student horn for Buescher.

So, with this information, I am wondering if anyone has any experience with the older versions

of this production of horns.  

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