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1 year ago

Made in Taiwan (and/or China)

Seems the majority of horns today are made in Taiwan or use Taiwwanese pasrts. Including P. Mauriat, Eastman, Selmer (msot), all Keilerth (except their MKX line...still made in Germany)...

This doesn't seem to be bothering any one or stopping them from buying horns from Taiwan. Thoughts? 

Are all Eastman horns made in Taiwan? Including their 52nd Street line?

I htink just Inderbinden, Rampone & Cezzani, Yanagisawa...aren't. 

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    1 year ago

    Re: Made in Taiwan (and/or China)

    I am an experienced player that has been doing saxophone refurbishing for a number of years. 28 to be exact.

    A few years back it really seemed to bother me. All the Asian horns, except for Yamaha and Yanagasawa, were crap. It was so bad, the Asian horns were sort of throw aways after they were damaged. Some damage was simply impossible to fix.

    Recently, I have worked on a few student horns marked Yamaha and made in China.A Selmer Student Horn made in Taiwan.

    These horns are still far from what the American made jewels prior to 1970ish are. But, as a student horn, they have up to date keywork and play very nicely. I think for the benefit of the students, able to get a nicely keyed instrument by an inexpensive maker, this is a plus.

    The Reason is simple. Saxophones cost too much to produce today. A Student wants a nice shiny horn. They are not intestested in vintage. Its all about the look. Parents are not going to fork out a top shelf price for a kid just learning to play. So Asian cheaper horns it is.

    So hold onto those worn, tarnished, great American horns. The students who become the players of the future WILL be looking for them someday. When they realize sound has nothing to do with "The Shine", they will be looking for the old excellent brass well made tanks that fill the American closets. Unfortunately in todays musical world, if you are looking to make money on saxophones, there will always be more saxophones than there are saxophone players. There use to be 5 or six saxophone players in a dance band. Nowdays, you are lucky to find one saxophone player in a group of six bands.

    Thats My input.



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