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by Sax_Shark
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16 years ago

Otto Link Tone Edge

I have posted several dissussions about a mouthpiece for my King Zephyr Special Tonor Saxophone. Most of the responses that came back have recommended the Otto Link Tone Edge. I am looking to take this advice but what facing should I buy? What's the difference in the numbers and stars? Any more advice would help. Thank You.

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  1. by quotarie
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    16 years ago

    Re: Otto Link Tone Edge

    I'm using a Ponzol 115 goldplated mpc on my King Zephyr and it sounds like a good combination. The mouthpiece is small (compared to a Otto Link) but it is very open/loud. My Otto Link is a *7 but I haven't played it for some years. Kind regards, Arie Bottinga.

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