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by Joe1971
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2 years ago

Cg conn

While cleaning out some areas of my house I bought several years ago, I came across this old case. I opened it up and found this sax. It's a cg conn, pat Dec 8 1914, !!!9954, T, 41648, L.

It has engraving on the horn which is fine but distinct, and mother of pearl keys. I'm no musician by any stretch of the imagination.

So what do I have here?

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  1. by Joe1971
    (2 posts)

    2 years ago

    Re: Cg conn

    Pics didn't load for some reason 

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    1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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      2 years ago

      Re: Cg conn

      This is what you have.

      Conn New Wonder I.

      An early model prior to having rolled tone holes.

      Rolled Tone Holes have a little lip on the edge of the hole where the pad hits.

      Yours is from around 1918 (ish)

      yours is a Tenor, more desireable in the old conns.


      it will need a good amount on refurbishing to make it playable.

      500 to 1000 bucks worth of work to get it playing wonderful.

      Its value, around the same. 1000 bucks when finished.

      I buy these in the same condition for 500 or less. I then do my own work, so I am able to make a little money and enjoy making a relic like this one sing. That is my "rush", not the profit. Time is money. It takes a good 20 hours, from start to finish, to restore a horn such as this, in its "forgotten" condition, back to its wonderful near new condition.

      Good Luck.


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