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by tony amers
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2 years ago


some advice if possible...ive inherited my dads Saxaphone ..its a Selmer super action 80 series ii... ive had it store under the bed for the past 10 years.. i believe he bought it in 1992/3 ,but now its time it went to someone who would appreciate and use it...i dont play so no good for me ...was wondering what thae sort of prices i should put it up for ... thanks in advance ...

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  1. by mijderf
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    2 years ago

    Re: selmer

    You need to say if it is an alto, tenor or other.  The serial number from the horn should nail down the year of production.  You can always to to Ebay and see what this horn has sold for in sold listings.  Look for horns with similar finish and condition if possible.

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  2. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    2 years ago

    Re: selmer

    You got a nice looking Tenor sax there.

    These are great horns. I would not take less than 2500.

    It looks like you also got a nice upper end mouthpiece. Research that also.

    There is a trading post on this site.

    Sax sites, Tenor Madness, Saxquest, USA Horn, and PM Winds may be intested in buying it.

    They will want to make a profit, but should give you a fair price.

    Ebay, you will sell it, but expect to get the lower end. The market is simply saturated with upper end horns and not so many upper end purchasers.

    Good Luck

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