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by Sax_Shark
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16 years ago

Mystery Vintage Mouthpiece

Several years ago I bought a King Zephyr Tenor Saxophone from a local high school student who was looking into just getting rid of it. I know now that the deal I got was AMAZING but that's beside the point. With this great saxophone came a mouthpiece with a facing of like 8. I can't really play on it great yet but I'd like to know what it is. On the mouthpiece there is this engraving: Made in W. - Germany in - U. Ausl. Patente On the otherside (what I assume is the brand name) is this: Strainon The mpc has a mobile piece inside the chamber that does effect the sound somewhat. Furthermore, there is a ligature attached to the mpc itself that slides along the mpc to adjust to different reeds. Does anyone have any idea what this is? Any help would be appriciated. Thanks

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  1. by Tully
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    16 years ago

    Re: Mystery Vintage Mouthpiece

    I think it actually says Strathon, but some ink has worn off.

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  2. by sax_maniac
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    16 years ago

    Re: Mystery Vintage Mouthpiece

    You've got yourself an older Strathon Ajustotone mpc. I had one of those for bari once. Pretty cool mpcs.

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