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by Gooshbanshee
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17 years ago

Any school of arts people?!

hey I go to Bak middle school of arts ( I play all saxes) located in Florida, and knowing that there are other schools of arts in the u.s I was wondering things like : difficulty of music, what kind of music classes, what kind of instruments ect....ohh and also lyk chairs in things like all distric ( Jazz and concert), and allstate ( Jazz and concert). for me, I play all saxes ( all yamaha's) mainly tenor and soprano.umm allstate concert and jazz twice ( first and second chair) all district jazz 2nd chair and first, concert district first chair twice, and added up ive gotten about 8 superiors in S&E. and we'er playinf stuff like "chilrens march in our concert band, and stufff like jump o'clock one in jazz (sequeal to jump o'clock one). 3 of my seven classes at school are music related being : jazz, concert, and this new awsome class called instrument ensemble. shanks, Gooshbanshee A.K.A "THE GOOSH"

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  1. by Gooshbanshee
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    17 years ago

    Re: Any school of arts people?!

    ***one o'clock jump****

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