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by Junior High Blues King
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16 years ago

Is Yamaha model YTS-023 a good model or what?!?!

I bought a YTS-023 model Yamaha yesterday for a great price of $975. I am on a monthly plan and am paying $40 per month to buy it! The only bad part is $9 of this total (per month) is taken out to pay the store I bought it at for expenses such as repair and sound adjustment! If you have a Yamaha Saxophone I'd love to talk about it with you to see what better instruments I can get in the future!

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  1. by connsaxman_jim
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    16 years ago

    Re: Is Yamaha model YTS-023 a good model or what?!?!

    The Yamaha YTS 23 is one of the best student model saxophones on the market. Their overall quality is better than the cheaper Selmer horns, Jupiter, and many others. They have very good intonation and play fairly easy. They sound good with the right set up. Their overall sound is fairly neutral, and they are well suited for jazz or legit, depending on the set up. I have played several over the years. I rented a YTS 23 for a short time while my Conn 10M was being repaired. I know several pro players who took their YTS or YAS (alto) 23's to college and now use they professionally. They're THAT good! Depending on your preferences and the type of music you play, I could make a few suggestions as far as mouthpieces, etc. If you're really into blues, you may want to look for a Conn Chu Berry tenor. They're pretty neat old horns, and sound incredible! I just restored one a while ago that I use for blues.

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    1. by saxophonik
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      16 years ago

      Re: Is Yamaha model YTS-023 a good model or what?!?!

      Very good sax! I had YTS-23 through jr. high and high school, right into college. I miss that horn :( My college prof. "forced" me to trade it for a Selmer Series II... needless to say I don't have either one of them anymore. The whole time I was playing that Selmer I was thinking 'boy, I miss my old horn'. One of my friends from college was a tenor major. Now, in the pro world, he still uses his YAS-23 alto for gigging. He can afford a new or vintage sax, but doesn't want anything else... he likes it that much!!

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