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by kitnachi
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17 years ago

Trumpeting on a soprano

I am in a city symphony thing, and we don't have any brass at the current point, so I am wondering how bad is it to be playing trumpet parts with a soprano sax, because otherwise I end up playing a basson part on the alto, or even a trombone part....

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  1. by vipegrad
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    17 years ago

    Re: Trumpeting on a soprano

    The trumpet and soprano are both keyed the same and have about the same range, so in terms of this, soprano is good. However, the main problem with playing trumpet parts on soprano is that trumpet parts are often written with the brassy kick of the trumpet in mind. This is extremely hard to match on soprano but, if there is no other option, by that i mean no other trumpet players, then by all means, play away.

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