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4 years ago

Glitch in Ebays international shipment assistants program

I have used Ebay since 1998. It has changed tremendously since then. It costs more and takes the control out of the hands of the honest seller. In general, it is a safer place I do admit.


This is a wonderful feature that buyers can use in which Ebay takes control of all the hassles, by dealing with customes, shipping tracking etc. This is a wonderful feature for me, in that I ship an item 20 miles away from my Cincinati address to an airport exchange at the Cincinnati/NKY airport, and Ebay takes care of the rest. My international money is immediately available, minus the fees for using Ebay and Paypal. My item arrives in one day at the exchange box, and my side is completely done. Ebay takes over from here.


So I thought......

I had an international buyer who was so confused, confused as to how to look at their paypal to see my end was completed. He fired up my email while I was on vacation stating.

Trac no not work, why?. Trac number wrong.

The buyer placed negative feedback on my flawless history and his saxophone is still in transit to him. Ebay has updated the tracking information to an international tracking number. Mr "Cant figure it out" now has the true tracking information and cannot truly complain if he does not like the instrument.

I reported it to ebay, but that is as far as it will go wth the negative feedback

 I now have to eat.


So, Im looking for other outlets to offer out my horns ongoing.

Paypal will be preferred, but as a Banker by day, I will take other sources.

I have money verifying connections.


I think the trading post here is a good place for me to start.

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  1. by Saxquest
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    4 years ago

    Re: Glitch in Ebays international shipment assistants program

    Thanks! I would like to see the trading post here be more popular. If you have suggestions, let me know. 


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