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by LFR
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2 weeks ago

1954 Selmer Silver Alto

My son has asked me to sell his Saxophone he no longer plays. It is a beautiful mint 1954 Silver Saxophone fully engraved.  I don't know if it is an a or b model, I don't know if it has the extra A key? I play the drums, much easier to figure out.

It is mint, almost no wear on the silver and shines like a new dime.

Any information would be appreciated.  Any idea of the range of value?

Many Thanks,



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  1. by GFC
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    1 week ago

    Re: 1954 Selmer Silver Alto

    What a beauty!  It's got the standard range to low Bb (fortunately, because they are preferred over the low A model).  You've got one of the Mark VI fans' dream horns.

    Here's a place to start, with the caveat that the prices are dealer prices, which are higher than private sale prices.

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  2. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    1 week ago

    Re: 1954 Selmer Silver Alto

    Considering your past posts here, you have been considering selling it for awhile.

    It has a high F sharp. Some players dont like this on the earlier models of the Mark Vi. Then it is silver plated, some players prefer the brass. All this was covered in your prior posts in 2018.


    How much do you want for it? I myself am stocking up my inventory on upper end pro model horns.

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    1. by myalto
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      1 day ago

      Re: 1954 Selmer Silver Alto

      I read your post. I am selling off my personal collection of vintage altos. It started as my son needing a new sax and snowballed from there. Several Selmers, Kings, and a couple of Bueschers. College tuition. They are all players. I can send photos if you are interested. My collection has a historical line behind it and I can remember why I bought each one. Each has a personality (yes, I am crazy). Either way, its great to share sax info with fellow sax lovers!

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      1. by historicsaxwhisperer
        (326 posts)

        13 hours ago

        Re: 1954 Selmer Silver Alto

        Why dont you list them here on the trading post?

        I look at it daily for something I would want.

        So do so many others.

        Location, Location, Location.

        Its always nice to play them prior to purchase.

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