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by saxinvestor2
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2 years ago

Another 1955 5 digit Mk VI Selmer Alto

Hoping to get some opinions on the value of a 1955 Selmer Mark VI Alto?
Please check another Gold Plated 1955 Selmer Alto posted!

This Sax has been in my collection for the past 9 years!

The description is from the previous owner.

This Selmer serial number 62621 with it's matching numbered neck is in perfect coidition.. 1955 circa. The Selmer players who know and study the serial number range of the Marks, know for certain, this serial nmbered horn is very desirable.

Except for some extremely insignifacant freckling under the thunb hook and strap hook, and a couple of light scrathes below the bow ring, one on the bell and one minuscule mark probably from a sax stand near the bow, this Mk VI is truly one georgous insturment. 

It retains 99% of the priginal beautiful dark factory lacquer and French engraving. Had a top sax technician repad it using Lucien pads with sterling silver metal resonators. This is absolutely one beautiful saxophone, both in playing and appearance.

Horn comes with the original beatiful zippered tri pak case. The zipper works flawlessly, no repairs. Aslo comes wthi the original Selmer Soloist C* mouthpiece with original Selmer ligature and Selmer cap. Selmer neck strap and original wood neck plug also included. 

Please let me know if additional infprmation needed to determine vale?


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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    2 years ago

    Re: Another 1955 5 digit Mk VI Selmer Alto

    Aii you are going to get here on a Saxophone Forum is opinions.

    You have to play a horn to gain a top shelf value. It is about the music.

    They are not classic cars to be put on a shelf to gain top value.

    Check with Saxquest, Tenormadness, PM winds. USA horn. Their offers arew realistic to its value. What they gain is that retail extra for insuring that their customers are getting the real deal without the worry.


    I will give you 4000 each after I see them. They are wonderful looking horns, but still just tools for making music. That requires a musician on the blowing end, not a wine collector.

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    1. by saxinvestor2
      (3 posts)

      2 years ago

      Re: Another 1955 5 digit Mk VI Selmer Alto

      Thanbks for the feedback!

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