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3 years ago

Martin Tenor From LeBlanc Kenoshia Wis 1971ish

I shot out a  lowball offer on a Martin Tenor on ebay and was blindsided when I got a threatening nonpaying buyer email. I simply forgot maybe I should check my email. For $250 I picked up a very interesting End of days Martin Imperial Tenor, as it says at least.

But, any tenor that is in unbeatup playable condition for less than $500 bucks is a deal.

The body tube is from old stock Martin parts with the soldered on toneholes. Exactly like my other Martin horns.The bell and bow tone holes are not true Martin, nor is the sideways serial number, which is Leblanc. These tone holes are straight like a Selmer. Key cages and the back side key braces are Martin Indiana design. The G# cluster is a bit primitive. No articulation. The case and horn are the heaviest I have ever handled. I can't imagine some elementary school kid dragging this case around on a school bus. This horn was definitely designed to compete and take their fair share of the bussling student like market, using a standard well known American saxophone line name. Gotta make that money $$$

Like buying a Jaguar, but what you are actually buying is a Ford, or a Tata motors of India if you get a 2020 model....Anyway I digress on my Trademark Name Rant.


I look forward to aligning it up a bit and giving it a test drive. 

Anybody ever had one of these?

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