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by AlexEik
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12 months ago

Tooth guard falls off.

Ok so if basically i got a new berg larsen metal mouthpiece blah blah blah. Ive had it for a month and uh the ebonite tooth insert guard thing literally fell off. ill attach an image. I already contanced the supplier i bought it from. They havent responded. If i cant a replacement is there some sort of adhesive glue that would work? Im just really frustrated because this was a over $400 mouthpiece and it already broke.

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  1. by F35H
    (16 posts)

    12 months ago

    Re: Tooth guard falls off.

    I have a couple solutions, as you didn't really damage what you paid for.

    1.) You probably have already done this, but just in case, check to make sure it doesn't already have adhesive underneath a plastic film. It could be done on purpose to cut down on manufacturing cost.

    2.) You could probably use adhesive, although I wouldn't reccomend it, as the other two options here are more likely better solutions.

    3.) Buy a new tooth guard. You can purchase a pack of 20 for 15 dollars off amazon with adhesive under a sticker.

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  2. by historicsaxwhisperer
    (533 posts)

    11 months ago

    Re: Tooth guard falls off.

    Doesnt it just slide in place?

    I would use a bit of gorilla glue.

    Use common sense. Not too much. Its going in your mouth.

    For 400 bucks, I could pick up 3 used otto link mouthpieces.

    Welcome to the new world of over priced and under developed.

    Good Luck


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