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by GageSlads
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3 years ago

Having issues with airy, crackling noises

I've been having issues with my saxophone making airy, crackling noises recently, I have made sure there wasn't any spit in the sax and made sure the keys were closing all the way. I play a mendini (cheap) Alto saxophone and on a 3.0 reed, I still use the mouthpiece it came with because I don't have the money quite yet to upgrade. I have a feeling it has something to do with my embouchure but I wouldn't know where to begin to check or fix that.

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  1. by F35H
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    3 years ago

    Re: Having issues with airy, crackling noises

    I have a couple of solutions:

    Clean your mouthpiece or neckpiece out. 

    Make sure your mouth is tightly wound around the mouthpiece, notably on lower notes [It's ok to be a little open as your jaw drops, just work to make it as tight as possible with enough air].

    Try not to blow too hard, especially with higher notes, the octave pad on the neck tends to cause issues like this.

    Check to make sure the reed is properly installed. 

    Make sure you're blowing hard enough, notably on lower notes.

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